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Discovering Luxury Living Experion Elements in Noida

Greetings from Experion Elements Phase 1, Sector 45, Noida, a prestigious residential sanctuary offering an unmatched quality of life. Discover a realm of exquisite splendor, serene environs that evoke the sensation of being in a paradisiacal setting, and an extensive array of conveniences. Adopt a fresh perspective on life where resources are abundant and optimism is high. Designed with you and your family in mind, this private hideaway offers a haven that promotes your genuine character and eliminates life’s uncertainties. This 4.5-acre property, which is part of a gated community, is designed to meet all of your needs.

Step into the modern world, where you can lead a contented existence amid stunning surroundings. Admire the striking beauty of the vibrant hues found in nature, which add a stimulating ambiance to your daily routine. More than just a place to live, Experion Elements Phase 1, Sector 45 offers a gateway to a better way of life where elderly mingle with like-minded individuals and kids thrive under the best supervision. The Experion Sector 45 Noida RERA registration number, UPRERAPRJ120027/04/2024.

  • Feature Sculpture: Adding visual interest and character to the landscape, a feature sculpture elevates the visual appeal of the outdoor space.
  • Sunken Open Lawn: Offering a roomy and hospitable green area, the sunken open lawn gives locals a place to unwind, rest, and commune with nature.
  • Yoga Deck with Trellis: Surrounded by rich flora and protected by a trellis, the yoga deck offers practitioners a peaceful practice area. This allows enthusiasts to revitalize their mind, body, and spirit.
  • Swimming Pool: The pool offers residents a tranquil haven for fitness and leisure, a welcome diversion from the stress of everyday life.
  • Pet Zone: Catering to furry companions, the pet zone provides a dedicated space for residents’ pets to play, exercise, and socialize with other four-legged friends.
  • Water Play Area: Providing hours of enjoyment and amusement for little ones, children can run about and splash around in the water play area.
  • Children’s Play Area: Filled with engaging and secure play equipment, this area is sure to pique youngsters’ imaginations and foster their creativity. It will also provide hours of entertainment for young ones.
  • Outdoor Drinking Water Station: This outdoor drinking water station encourages inhabitants to stay hydrated and offers convenience by giving them quick access to clean, pleasant water for outdoor activities.
  • Garden with Seating Area: Nestled between verdant foliage and blooming flowers, the peaceful garden offers residents a chance to relax and escape the bustle of city life. 
  • Dedicated Drop-Off space: Ensuring hassle-free arrivals and departures, the dedicated drop-off space welcomes residents and guests with ease and elegance.

Sports Facilities:

  • Sky Beam Badminton Academy: A 30-minute drive away
  • Rackconnect Next Level Badminton Academy: Also a 30-minute drive away


  • IGI Airport: Just a 55-minute drive away
  • Advant, Sector 142, Noida: Only a 15-minute drive away
  • Upcoming Metro Station: Merely a 2-minute drive away

Nearby Schools:

  • RK Public School, Sector 45 Sadarpur: Accessible within a quick 3-minute drive
  • Lotus Valley International School: A short 5-minute drive away
  • Genesis Global School: Also within a 5-minute drive
  • Another Lotus Valley International School: Slightly farther, approximately a 6-minute drive away

Nearby Hospitals:

  • Shanti Hospital: Approximately a 25-minute drive away
  • Arogya Shri Hospital: A bit farther, approximately a 28-minute drive away

Nearby Restaurants & Cafés:

  • Wood Will Café: Approximately a 45-minute drive away
  • Pizza and More: Closer, approximately a 25-minute drive away
  • Italian Marble Flooring: With its timeless charm and unrivaled excellence, our Italian marble flooring will transport you to a world of elegance and sophistication. Your living area will be more luxurious with every step you take, adding to its overall atmosphere.
  • Completely Furnished Kitchen with Wood Flooring: Dive into the ultimate in comfort and elegance with our completely furnished kitchen, along with all the modern conveniences you need to satisfy your culinary cravings. Wooden floors complete the look, making the kitchen a smooth extension of your living area that combines style and utility.
  • Twin Towers Overlooking the freeway: Savor the stunning vistas and excellent connectivity thanks to our twin towers that are ideally positioned to face the freeway. Your home will be filled with expansive views that enthrall the eye, whether you’re seeing the dawn or the city lights at sunset.
  • Double Height Glass Ceiling: Our double-height glass ceiling design will envelop you in an abundance of natural light and roominess. Savor the feeling of openness and airiness that brightens the atmosphere in your living space as you bask in the warmth of the sunlight coming through.
  • Ground + 40 Structure: Designed to provide the highest level of comfort, convenience, and sophistication, live in the height of luxury in our ground plus 40 structure. Our homes, with each element painstakingly designed and built, are a tribute to superior architectural design and unmatched craftsmanship.

It a reputable Singaporean company, Experion Holdings Pte Ltd, and being completely funded by 100% Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) makes us proud to be a real estate developer.We are pleased to be a real estate developer since Experion Holdings Pte Ltd, a respectable Singaporean firm, is entirely supported by foreign direct investment (FDI). The real estate investing arm of the AT Holdings group of enterprises, Experion Holdings Pte Ltd, boasts a diverse asset portfolio spanning many expanding industries, including renewable energy, real estate, private and structured credit, and public markets.
With the debut of our flagship project, The Heartsong, in 2012, we officially started our adventure into the Indian real estate market in 2006. After that, we debuted Windchants in 2012 and The Westerlies in 2013. Experion Capital @Lucknow was unveiled in 2017; Virsa followed in 2019. Our growth was interspersed with notable milestones, such as the construction of Milestone Experion Centre in 2016 and the completion of Phase 1 of The Heartsong in 2016. Phase 1 of Windchants and Phase 1 The Westerlies were both completed in 2017. Experion Capital’s Phases 1 and 2 construction was successfully finished in 2022.
In keeping with our dedication to innovation and quality, we introduced HUB @108 in 2023. As we go, we are committed to completing outstanding projects that raise the bar for luxury and excellence in the Indian real estate market.

Experion Elements Phase 1, Sector 45, Noida, is the pinnacle of unmatched luxury and lifestyle. This refuge, which is surrounded by tranquil landscapes and stunning architecture, offers a wealth of facilities to meet all of your needs. Surrounded by breathtaking scenery, residents can live happy, meaningful lives with plenty of resources and a modern way of thinking. Experion Elements Phase 1 is more than just a housing project; it’s a community where elders mingle and kids grow. Our constant dedication to quality is shown in our 100% FDI-funded enterprise, which is supported by the prestigious Singaporean company Experion Holdings Pte Ltd. With a strong track record of completed projects, we are constantly redefining luxury living in the Indian real estate industry.
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