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Elevate Your Lifestyle with DLF Arbour 2: A Haven of Luxury Living

Elevate Your life with Dlf Arbour 2 A Haven of Luxury Living awaits you in Sector 77 Gurgaon. drafted by DLF, one of India’s recognized inventors, this recent adventure offers easy access to major amenities. Explore a range of lavish 4 BHK apartments at Dlf Arbour 2, each adorned with a private deck and witching megacity views. The futuristic design of these 4 BHK apartments spans 3700 Sq.Ft., icing ample space, proper ventilation, sunlit apartments, sequestration, and graphic surroundings.

Experience a grand living with three auto parking spaces, alluring Aravalli views, and a host of ultramodern amenities that promote an active life. DLF Arbour 2 is a vital part of DLF’s extensive 350- acre new phase in Sector 76- 77 Gurgaon, heralding the launch of a luxurious low- viscosity hutment condominium after a decade. Step into DLF The Arbour 2, where life seamlessly meets majesty.

DLF Arbour 2 Features & Amenities

Equipped Gym, Spa & Salon At DLF Arbour 2 Gurgaon, indulge in a fitness- concentrated life with access to a well- equipped spa, gym, and salon installations. Elevate your well- being within the convenience of your community.

Reopened Secure Community: Enjoy peace of mind in a secure terrain with DLF Arbour 2’s reopened and secured community, prioritizing the safety and sequestration of its residents.

Luxury Club Experience Luxury: and social engagement at the exclusive club house, offering a sophisticated space for recreation and community gatherings.

Perpetuity Edge Swimming Pool: Take a stimulating dip in the perpetuity- edge swimming pool, furnishing a visually stunning and comforting escape within the demesne.

Double Height Managed Lobbies: Drinking you with majesty, the double height managed lobbies add a touch of fineness to your everyday entrance and exit.

Professional conservation: ensures a hassle-free living experience with professional conservation services that keep the community in top- notch condition.

Landscaped: Flora Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature with strictly landscaped flora, furnishing a serene and aesthetically pleasing terrain.

Catering: to the requirements of families, DLF Arbour 2 features a devoted kiddies play area, offering a safe and pleasurable space for children to play and fraternize.

DLF Arbour 2 position Advantage

  • Just 500 mtrs from GCX DLF Arbour 2 offers unequalled propinquity to the Golf Course Extension( GCX), making it an accessible position for residents with easy access to this prominent corner.
  • Only 1 km from Sec 57 Rapid Metro Station The strategic positioning of DLF Arbour 2 places it simply 1 km down from Sector 57 Rapid Metro Station, icing effective and quick transportation options for residents.
  • Excellent Entertainment destinations like Worldmark within a 1 km range residents can enjoy world- class entertainment options with excellent destinations like Worldmark positioned within a 1 km range, furnishing a vibrant and dynamic neighborhood.
  • 5 mins drive to major seminaries and Hospitals Convenience is crucial, and DLF Arbour 2 ensures just that with a quick 5- nanosecond drive to major seminaries and hospitals, feeding to the essential requirements of residents.
  • 5- 10 twinkles drive to multiple transnational seminaries For families seeking transnational education, DLF Arbour 2 is immaculately located with a 5- 10 nanosecond drive to multiple transnational seminaries, offering a range of educational options.
  • Lapped in the serene foothills of Aravalis Embrace a tranquil living experience as DLF Arbour 2 is nestled in the serene foothills of the Aravallis, furnishing residents with a peaceful and scenic terrain.
  • DLF Arbour 2 casing is positioned in sector 76 & 77 of Gurgaon Located in the high sectors of 76 and 77 in Gurgaon, DLF Arbour 2 offers a strategic address with propinquity to the leopard trail and 250 acres devoted to domestic, marketable, and social amenities, icing a comfortable and accessible living space.

DLF Arbour 2 Highlights

  • Embracing nature, the design boasts 80 green and open areas, creating a lush and eco-friendly atmosphere.
  • The development comprises six halls housing an aggregate of 1200 apartments, offering a different range of living options.
  • With G 40 high- rise armature, the design stands altitudinous, furnishing stunning views and a sophisticated living experience.
  • residents can indulge in luxury with a 150,000sq.ft club, offering state- of- the- art amenities and recreational spaces.
  • Anticipate the most awaited launch of 2023, marking the morning of a new period in upmarket living.
  • The design is seamlessly integrated into a futuristic township gauging 175 acres, icing a comprehensive and well- planned living terrain.
  • Enjoy the epitome of luxury with a state- of- the- art club, furnishing top- notch amenities and recreational installations.
  • Secure your investment with places starting at ₹6.5Cr., offering a prestigious address and upmarket life.

About The DLF Builder

Established in 1946 by Chaudhary Raghvendra Singh, DLF originally concentrated on creating 22 civic colonies in Delhi. Expanding into Gurugram in 1985, DLF innovated exceptional living and working spaces for rising Indian global professionals. At the moment, it stands as India’s largest intimately listed real estate company, with a footmark gauging domestic, marketable, and retail parcels across 15 countries and 24 metropolises.

Our commitment is reflected in different verticals that feed to India’s evolving requirements. Central to our success are our workers, guests, stakeholders, and shareholders. We prioritize invention, commission, and sanguinity to lay the root for India’s future, erecting upon the heritage of our history.

DLF takes pride in upholding exacting integrity in client engagement and quality assurance. Throughout our 75- time trip, we remain devoted to delivering real estate development, operation, and investment services of the loftiest class.


Experience luxury living at DLF Arbour 2 in Sector 77 Gurgaon, by DLF, one of India’s recognized inventors. Lavish 4 BHK apartments, gauging 3700 Sq.Ft., promise a future-forward living experience. With private sundecks, ample space, and witching megacity views, this adventure offers three auto parking spaces, alluring Aravalli views, and ultramodern amenities fostering an active life. A pivotal part of DLF’s 350- acre new phase in Sector 76- 77 Gurgaon, DLF Arbour 2 seamlessly blends life with majesty. Indulge in a fitness- concentrated life with a spa, gym, and salon, prioritize safety and 

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