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Investing in Parx Laureate Sector 108: Why It’s a Smart Decision

For discerning homebuyers and investors, location, luxury, and long-term value often top the list of considerations. Parx Laureate Sector 108 perfectly aligns with these criteria, making it a lucrative investment opportunity. Situated on the Noida Greater Noida Expressway, Parx Laureate is not just another residential project; it is an emblem of luxury and finesse. This esteemed development boasts lavish 3 and 4 bedroom apartments, complemented by palatial penthouses that redefine the essence of contemporary living. Beyond its architectural magnificence, the strategic positioning of Parx Laureate on the expressway augments its appeal, making commutes smoother and offering easy accessibility to key areas.

A brainchild of two industry giants, Unity Group and Divine India Infrastructure Pvt Ltd, Parx Laureate is a testament to impeccable craftsmanship and visionary planning. The fusion of their expertise has set unparalleled standards for upscale living in Noida.

To invest in Parx Laureate Sector 108 is to invest in a legacy of luxury, convenience, and unparalleled value. With its promise of a grand lifestyle and its potential for substantial returns, making the decision to invest here is not just smart—it’s brilliant. Experience a life imbued with grandeur and opulence, only at Parx Laureate Sector 108, Noida.

Parx Laureate Location Advantage

Strategic Positioning for Effortless Navigation

Situated prominently on the expressway, Parx Laureate boasts of a location advantage that ensures seamless traversing across the city. With the DND Flyway merely a short 5-minute drive and the esteemed Noida Golf Course just 10 minutes away, the ease of commuting is accentuated. The forthcoming international airport, a mere half-hour drive, coupled with the prospective metro expansion, promises to further streamline urban mobility.

A Paradise for Golf Enthusiasts

Parx Laureate stands as an ode to those smitten by the allure of golf. Nestled close to a prominent golf course, it beckons enthusiasts to indulge in their beloved sport at their leisure. The proximity to such an elite sporting venue remains one of the unmatched luxuries that Parx Laureate extends to its residents.

A Hub of Educational Prestige Nearby

For families prioritizing top-tier education, Parx Laureate’s proximity to Noida’s academic stalwarts is a boon. With the presence of esteemed institutions such as DPS International, Amity International, Ryan International School, Pathways, Shalom Hills International School, and Banyan Tree World School in its vicinity, the promise of quality education is just around the corner. Be it Lotus Valley, Mayur, or any of the city’s illustrious institutions, residents find themselves enveloped in an aura of academic excellence.

Parx Laureate: Amenities

Clubhouse: Engage in a world of social events, meaningful exchanges, and community bonding.

Meditation Sanctuary: A serene space crafted for introspection and spiritual elevation.

Sports Complex: Catering to all, our diverse sports amenities invite everyone to play.

Children’s Playground: A secured and lively zone where young imaginations come alive.

Aquatic Center: Immerse yourself in refreshing serenity whenever the mood strikes.

Emergency Fire Solutions: Well-prepared to address unforeseen situations, safeguarding our community.

Vehicle Park: Ample space designed for your automotive convenience.

Event Plaza: Versatile spaces ready to host a myriad of occasions and celebrations.

Bistro Corner: Dive into a culinary journey with our diverse cafe offerings.

Uninterrupted Power Supply: We prioritize consistency in luxury, no matter the circumstance.

Green Oasis: Meander through nature’s embrace in our landscaped gardens.

Runner’s Lane: Crafted for enthusiasts, a dedicated track for daily runs.

Tennis Pavilion: Experience ace-filled matches in our top-notch tennis arena.

Fitness Suite: Advanced apparatus to guide your health journey.

Vigilant Watch: 24/7 security commitment to ensure peace of mind.

Essentials Outlet: Catering to daily requisites, always within arm’s reach

Parx Laureate:Interiors and Other Specifications


Main Social Areas: Luxurious imported marble for those memorable first impressions.

Culinary Space: Robust, high-end vitrified tiles adding to the kitchen’s aesthetic.

Primary Suite: Warm engineered wooden flooring for cozy retreats.

Young Ones’ Space: Trendy, safe engineered wooden flooring for spirited childhood moments.

Elders’ & Visiting Chambers: Artfully chosen vitrified tiles merging elegance with endurance.

Bathing Zones: Harmonizing functionality with style, our bathrooms boast premium vitrified tiles resistant to moisture.

Domestic Aid Spaces: Practical ceramic tiles for utility areas and slip-resistant tiles for their washrooms.

Outdoor Extensions: Antiskid ceramic tiles designed to withstand external elements.

Shared Spaces: An inviting entrance graced with marble or granite, complemented by chic granite, green marbles, or tiles elsewhere.

Walls that Speak Volumes

Everyday Spaces: Timeless plastic paint over pop/gypsum plaster provides a versatile backdrop for various decor narratives.

Culinary Heartbeat – Kitchen: Elevate functionality with ceramic tiles, safeguarding against everyday spills and splatters.

Guest Retreat: A harmonious blend of smooth plastic paint and an accent texture wall elevates the room’s charm.

Sanctuaries of Refreshment: Ensuring protection with panache, bathrooms are adorned with premium ceramic tiles extending to the ceiling.

Ceiling Wonders

All Enclaves: Oil bound distemper on pop/gypsum plaster or putty ensures luminosity in every room.

Refreshing Corners: Practicality meets elegance with false ceilings in bathrooms, offering multiple utility benefits.

Transitional Terraces: The resilient finish of oil bound distemper on pop/gypsum plaster or putty perfectly suits balconies.

Entrances and Vistas

Primary Social Zones: Powder-coated aluminum/UPVC iterations bring durability to main areas.

Gourmet Chamber – Kitchen: Prioritizing functionality, easily-maintained door and window shutters accentuate the kitchen.

Restful Chambers: Powder-coated aluminum/UPVC fixtures within hardwood frames ensure longevity and elegance.

Portal Selections: Luxurious designer flush doors paired with seasoned hardwood frames bring beauty and endurance.

Enhancements and Utilities

Central Gathering Points: Energy-efficient ACs and ambient lighting cater to comfort, complemented by the security of video door phones.

Gastronomic Center – Kitchen: Modern amenities like a premier hob and chimney paired with appropriate lighting ensure a delightful cooking experience.

Personal Retreats: Premium ACs and mood-appropriate lighting fixtures ensure relaxation and serenity.

Outdoor Alcoves: Well-placed lighting complements balcony moments, be it dawn’s first light or twilight’s last gleaming.

Parx Laureate Limited

The inception of the Parx Laureate project was more than a mere milestone in real estate history. It symbolized the unison of two industry giants, both driven by a shared vision to redefine luxury for the contemporary world.

Unity Group:

Since its establishment in 1996, Unity Group has etched a prominent mark in the real estate landscape. Celebrated for their state-of-the-art methodologies and forward-thinking approach, they’ve played a pivotal role in reshaping Delhi’s architectural aesthetics. Their guiding principle is both clear and powerful: “We pledge only what we can achieve, and we achieve all that we pledge.” Their illustrious portfolio, spanning over 10 million sq. ft. of commercial and retail domains, stands as a testament to their mastery and dedication.

Divine India Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd:

Originating from Delhi, this real estate powerhouse carries a vision of establishing world-class commercial and residential edifices. Their expert blend of administrative prowess with innovative architecture ensures that their conceptions manifest into reality. With over half a century of collective experience, and a brigade comprising visionary architects, adept engineers, and tech mavens, they’ve consistently turned project blueprints into structural masterpieces.


Nestled within the vibrant confines of Sector 108 is a jewel known as Parx Laureate. Far from being a mere structure, this venture is a declaration of excellence. The union of real estate pillars, Unity Group and Divine India Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd., transcended conventional home-making. Their mission was to elevate the standards of luxury living.

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