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Luxury Residences at Gulshan Dynasty, Noida:    A Sophisticated Living Experience

Gulshan Dynasty, an eagerly anticipated luxury design in Noida by Gulshan, embodies the principles of professionalism, quality, passion, and an unvarying commitment to perfection. Drawing on over 30 times of experience, Gulshan presents its magnum number, a home drafted to epitomize tasteful substance and serve as a foundation for holistic well- being.

This design is poised to review the conception of luxury living in Noida. Gulshan Dynasty not only offers luxurious apartments but also prioritizes comprehensive well- being by furnishing an array of amenities feeding to physical, internal, social, and environmental heartiness. This commitment to excellence places Gulshan at the zenith of the list of premier parcels in Delhi NCR, making it a jewel for Noida and the crowning glory for sapient homeowners.

As a RERA- registered society, Gulshan Dynasty ensures translucency and responsibility. All material design details and important information are accessible on the state RERA gate, with the enrollment number for this design being UPRERAPRJ950870.

Gulshan Dynasty Highlights

  • Plot Size The design encompasses a generous plot size of 5.8 acres.
  • Open Area A remarkable 76 of the plot is devoted to open green spaces, totaling roughly 4.4 acres. This substantial green breadth is unequaled in systems of this quality, furnishing a rare and extensive terrain for the 206 apartments within the development.
  • Constructed Area exercising 24 of the plot for construction, the design strikes a harmonious balance between erected- up space and natural surroundings.
  • The design boasts an aggregate of 3 halls, each featuring two apartments per bottom, amounting to only 68 apartments per palace.
  • Tower Height The halls will stand altitudinous at Ground plus 34 situations, reaching an emotional height of 127.15 measures.
  • Number of Flats In total, there will be 204 apartments in the design. Among these, 198 apartments will have a size of 4700 sq ft, while six duplex apartments will offer a further extensive living space of 8800 sq ft. With only two apartments per bottom, each hearthstone is designed to be at least two sides open, icing ample natural light and ventilation.
  • bottom to Area rate( FAR) The bottom to Area rate( FAR) for the design is2.75, with fresh allocation for green structure features, emphasizing a commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly design.

Gulshan Dynasty Location Advantages:

  • A brief 5- nanosecond drive to both Sector 144 and Sector 143 Metro Stations.
  • Shriram Millenium School, Sector 132, within an accessible 14- nanosecond drive.
  • Easy access to prestigious educational institutions similar as Amity University, DPS Noida in Sector 132, and Gautam Buddha University on Yamuna Expressway, all within a 15- nanosecond drive.
  • A flawless 18- nanosecond drive to the DND Flyway for enhanced connectivity.
  • Shopping and dining at the famed DLF Mall of India in just 20 twinkles.
  • Healthcare installations, including Apollo Hospital in Sector 26 and Fortis Hospital in Sector 62, accessible within a 30- nanosecond drive.

Why Choose Sector 144?

Opting for Sector 144 provides a distinctive domestic experience compared to bordering points. deposited at the 14th rank among the top 90 locales on the Noida- Greater Noida Expressway, Sector 144 boasts the following lodestones

  • A fleetly evolving position with promising growth.
  • Exclusive access to its devoted metro station.
  • Prime position in close propinquity to the Noida- Greater Noida Expressway.
  • Accessibly positioned near marketable capitals for added convenience.

Gulshan Dynasty Features & Amenities

Club 2500 sq ft with inner heat- controlled and out-of-door swimming pools, 24X7 eatery, play area, sprat zone, four guest apartments, feed hall, spa, and fresh salad colony.

  • Entrance Lobby Grand three- storey structure.
  • Ceiling Height 11.8 bases with 8 bases windows.
  • handling Deck 54 bases by 9 bases.
  • Outdoor Bathtub Provision for an 8 bases by 8 bases out-of-door pool.
  • Safety categories Seven- league security with lifts opening into each flat.
  • Service Entry Separate entry from the reverse of the halls.
  • Marketable Shops Available within the complex.
  • Green Belt Front adorned with a likely maintained green belt.
  • View and position Excellent view with open area, green belt, Hindon foundation, and swash. reverse has plots from Noida authority under the 5 scheme.
  • Large open area of around 4.4 acres, includes a contemplation center, water bodies, pet care center, walking tracks, swimming pools, and a club, making it unique among luxury systems in Noida.
  • Hydroponic husbandry Grasp sustainable living with ranch- to- table gests .
  • Pet Stead devoted space for faves , enhancing the living experience.
  • Knitter- Made Luxury Customize your lodging to suit your idea of luxury.
  • Security Medium Robust 7- league security for peace of mind.

About Gulshan Builder

Gulshan Group, also known as Gulshan Homz, boasts nearly a decade of experience. Originally fastening on independent houses in East Delhi, the company shifted its attention to constructing high- quality multiple casing systems in the Delhi NCR region, establishing itself as the premier builder and inventor in Noida for upmarket luxury domestic systems. Over the past three decades, Gulshan Homz has constantly delivered corner constructions, setting marks in the construction assiduity. Their character in Noida’s real estate geography, particularly in Noida extension, is marked by stylish- in- class quality armature that exudes luxury in every detail.

Gulshan Homz has rightfully earned the title of the” stylish luxury real estate inventor,” a name synonymous with excellence. The multitudinous awards and recognitions they’ve entered are a testament to their prowess in the real estate sector. Uniting with high- quality engineers and interior contrivers, the company ensures top- notch quality and taste in designing luxury spaces. Their design results and inventions surpass those of other builders in Noida, and they’re known for timely design delivery, commitment to quality accouterments and structure, and competitive pricing.


For those willing to stay for four times, Gulshan Dynasty emerges as one of the finest systems in Noida, serving from Gulshan Group’s astral character for construction quality, timely delivery, and client running. Alternatively, Mahagun Manorial is an excellent choice for those seeking early possession. Still, Burj Noida and Gaur Platinum Tower warrant independent demesne for larger- sized apartments, performing in a blend of high- end and mid-sized apartments( 1600 sq ft or lower).

Positioned in Noida’s Sector 144, Gulshan Dynasty stands as the epitome of luxury on its extensive 5.8- acre estate, featuring 70 open spaces. With a design that accommodates just 35 families per acre across three prominent halls and a aggregate of 198 apartments, Gulshan Dynasty upholds Gulshan’s three- decade heritage of excellence in real estate. Offering amenities for total well- being and icing high connectivity to crucial routes, this hearthstone seamlessly blends eco-friendly designs with ultramodern conveniences, making it a premier choice in Delhi- NCR.

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